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Our options are endless
Let’s design the best plan

for your company’s needs.

  • Custom Web Development

    Do you have a great idea for a web site or a killer app? Does your company need something built to its own specifications? Then let’s talk. Challenge us! We have never been outsmarted by technology. Your new site will function quickly and smoothly, it will play nice with whatever systems are already in place, and will allow for your company’s inevitable growth. Your new site is as important to us as it is to you. Frankly we’re not looking for a job, we’re looking for a relationship, the long-term kind.

  • Mobile Development

    We are fluent in all aspects of the mobile platform world. We can make your website “mobile-enabled” or build a mobile app from scratch, using the features of any smart phone or tablet. Our experience has taught us the best way through the approval process, and into the various mobile platform stores, which means we also can get your killer app into the hands of your target audience quickly.

  • eCommerce

    Your online store will be up and running quickly, designed just the way you want it. Most importantly, your customers will find it very easy to buy your products. We’ll show you how to accept payments and ship products, and of course we’ll train you on how to use all of this. Nothing is left out and nothing is forgotten.

  • User Experience (UX)

    A website that is not intuitive, is difficult to use, is a website people won’t be coming back to. We’ll make certain we know your target audience, then our experience will help you build a site that is as good-looking as it is easy to navigate. One of our mottos is “keep the simple things simple and make the hard things possible.” Nothing builds loyalty better than an easy-to-use site.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Once your shiny new website is up, we’ll SEO the living daylights out of it. Our Search Engine Optimization includes the following:

    •Google analytics, set up and explained
    •Web submission to big and small search engines
    •Behind the scenes coding for tags (title tag, meta description)
    •Suggestions for adding keywords and descriptions throughout your site
    •Getting your site linked from other pages

  • Social Media Marketing

    Our fascination with the huge possibilities of social media has made us, well, experts. Here is what we have in mind for your new site:

    •Create a Facebook page, or analyze your current one and make suggestions for increased activity and more followers
    •Create a Twitter account and advise on best ways to use it
    •Hoot Suite set up. This program lets you easily manage your social media accounts, analyze data (links clicked, etc), and schedule posts and tweets
    •Manage Posts. We’ll send you FB and Twitter posts/ideas and either make sure you know how to post them or do it for you.

  • Content Management

    Once your new site is public, who makes the updates? What if you want to add a new page or change something on an existing page? Do you have to pay your “web guy”? Nope, not if you have Content Management built into your site. There are a number of widely used content management systems – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, even Tumblr – and we know them all. Let us help you choose the one that’s right for you and leverage all the benefits content management has to offer.

  • Blogs

    We’ll create a blog site that has people hanging on your every word and image. Ask us about WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. We’ll help you understand the differences and steer you toward the one that’s right for you. Then we’ll create a theme that will knock it out of the park.

  • Hosting

    We work with several hosting providers to make sure you get the best package and the best price.