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Just some examples…

  • reyshaunmadolora.com


    This is a custom built website from the ground up. It has an administrative section that allows the photographer to upload, manage locations, and tag photos. And it has way to view the photographer’s photos in the full browser window.

  • Kick Pleat

    Kick Pleat

    An example of an eCommerce store built using the Magento platform. The client is now managing their inventory for both their physical store and online through their online store.



    XIPSAFE was a large project where we built a mobile app that communicated with web application running online. This allows someone to press a panic button which alerts a remote monitor and allows a security official to then track this person who is in distress. We built the entire system from the ground up.

  • Pulse Research and Development

    Pulse Research and Development

    Another example of a custom built website. We worked on the SEO for this site and the client saw immediate results.

  • The Steeping Room

    The Steeping Room

    This site is both an online store and a marketing tool for a tea shop and restaurant based in Austin, TX. Both tools sites were built on the Magento platform.

  • Lily's Cookies

    Lily’s Cookies

    A site built using WordPress – MB Squared took this over when the previous developer no longer wanted to work on the site. We came in and cleaned up much of the code, improved its performance, and added important features.