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  • About Morry Belkin


    Morry has a degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). Morry has extensive experience in the computer/technology field. On paper, he may seem like a computer nerd, but he’s also one of those guys that everyone loves being around. Morry will take the time to truly listen and understand what you want to accomplish.

    Morry loves almost any kind of sports and is a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates. He also enjoys spending time with his family – a wife, two boys, a dog, and a cat.

  • About Rachel Belkin


    In 1996 Rachel was exposed to the internet and it all snowballed from there (in a good way). She has had various websites, and began blogging in October 2008. Rachel has learned a lot along the way. Social media and SEO optimization are her specialties.

    She has a Bachelors degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Psychology and Spanish and Business Foundations Certification at well. After some time in the business world working in Financial Services for the government, Rachel decided to go back to school and get a Master’s degree and teaching certificate from Texas State. She taught middle school for a couple of years before having children. In addition to private tutoring, she shares money saving tips and breast cancer information on her blog, Cha Ching Queen.

    Rachel is a wife and mother of 2 kids. Rachel loves learning about different cultures and people. She has traveled and studied in various countries.